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Focus Realtors, owned and managed by Mr Sahil Rakheja is a proud part of that huge network. It proudly offers services like Real Estate Consultancy, Property Management and Project Marketing. Focus Realtors is a one-stop solution for people who are looking forward to buy, sell or rent property. Making property decisions is not a cake walk until you employ Focus Realtors. Our outstanding team of agents can take all your headache related to property decisions and expose you only to the sweet part. Focus Realtors also welcomes people who want to have their own real estate business as it can help RE/MAX expand and it can also serve as a headstart for people who want to be a part of the real estate game. With its diligent team and huge networks, Focus Realtors excels at everything it promises to deliver.

Our Services

Focus Realtors is a one stop shop for all your Real Estate Needs. Be it buying, selling, renting a property or project marketing, we got it all. Our team of dedicated and diligent agents work day and night to make your dreams come to life. We offer the following services:

image Buy

We know every nook and corner of Delhi NCR. It does not matter if your dream property might be in the planning stage, under-construction or well established, we got it all. We offer you the best deals in the market

image Sell

Selling a property is not easy. One is always left wondering if a better deal could be struck. Agents at Focus Realtors do their best to find the right people for your property.

image Rent

If you are looking to rent your property or looking forward to renting a property, either way we have got you covered. We take care of all the official requirements for rent.

image Project marketing

We are excellent in marketing and selling property projects. We can find the clients looking just for the kind of property you have to offer. In fact, we already have 16 upcoming projects.


We have a team of determined and highly skilled professionals who are responsible in building and scaling the company beyond boundaries.The team is lead by exceptionally experienced Mr. Sahil Rakheja and Mr. Sagar Rakheja.


I believe that 2019 is going to be the benchmark year, turning the Real Estate trends around to upward trend. The next 5 years are going to be the game changer!

- Mr. Sahil Rakheja -

Managing Director of Focus Realtors

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I would definitely suggest focus realtors for any kind of real estate requirement. They are very professional and services are really good. They understand your requirements well and suggest the best to you.

- Chirag Arora -

The services and advise provided are great. They pay personal attention to each requirement.

- Sweety Bakshi -

I had a great experience!! professional people!! Best deals with great guidance.

- Rishabh Jain -

They are some of the best in Real Estate. A complete professional approach that guarantees peace of mind for first time buyers as well as someone looking to invest. Great job guys. Keep it up.

- Harshit Tomar -

Great customer service!!!

- Ritu Sharna -

It is good and gave excellent services.

- Sonal Singh -

RE/MAX Focus Realtors were great to work with. The team was always prompt on answering our calls/emails, addressing those concerns, at all odd hours. Even with some hiccups during the process on our end, they made sure everything was going forward smoothly and on track. Strongly recommended

- Rachit Malik -

One of the most reliable and trustworthy real estate services in the region are here.

- Lakshya Kumar -

Nice working environment!

- Asraful Islam -

Professional real estate consultants.

- Prem Chand -

Remax Focus Realtor is the reputed real estate developer of Delhi NCR.

- Stinker Verma -

The efforts put in and advise provided by Mr. Sahil Rakheja is really appreciated. We are happy to be associated with them. Thanks

- Manas Rajput -

Re max focus realtors is a great network in the world's.

- Ritu Devi -

Remax Focus Realtor is the reputed real estate developer of Delhi NCR.

- Shubham Verma -

They are very convenient to work with. Great team.

- Karuna Sharma -

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